Big Embarrassment For Google, Cyber Criminals Tricked Google In Serving Malware Ads

Google found out that their ad network was tricked into serving malware ads.  The malware ads were lethal enough to take over people’s computers stealthily.  The people who were affected with the viruses were the one who clicked on the Google’s ads.  Hackers and cyber criminals are smarter than ever before.  They are using companies such as Goolge and Microsoft to serve their evil purposes.  Even big companies such as Google has to compel in vamping up their ad network security.  This incident proves that the bad guys only need one right, and the good guys will be screwed with only one wrong.

Here are the tips for your Internet security!  Update all the software and your operating system.  Don’t trust those pop up from your computer since those messages could be generated from malware.  Instead, go to the real websites and check to see the update requests are real.  For an example, if Adobe wants to update Flash and generates a message, a quick jump over to Adobe’s real website and you can confirm indeed if Adobe has a newer version of Flash or not.  This worth to be repeated over and over again, always make sure to have a good Internet security software suite install on your computer.  Norton, Kapersky, AVG, these are just the few good names among the Internet security software companies; relying on these Internet security products can help you battling against most malware and viruses and hacking attempts.

Obviously, the helpful tip list of keeping yourself safe on the Internet can be very long such as how to handle strange emails.  It’s beyond the scope of this brief blog post.  Nonetheless, you should check out more credible sources for how to keep yourself safe on the Internet.  This post is a reminder that even the big boys are having problems of keeping themselves and you safe.  Instead of relying on false comfort, you need to be active in combating for your Internet security.  It’s too late then when your confidential information and privacy have been leaked to the evil doers.  Also, keeping your personal computer safe can also keep whoever else that is in contact with you safe too.  It means your contact list won’t be compromised by hackers and cyber criminals, otherwise they will try to use your email address and name and so on to bait your close contacts in falling for malicious traps such as clicking on the malware link.  Source.


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