Should humans let cars drive themselves?

Should humans let their cars be on autopilot?  Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt thinks so!  Mr. Eric Schmidt is incessantly promoting the idea of letting computers do what humans are bad at, and humans should only be concentrating only on what they’re good at!  For an example, driving cars should be driven by computers, and humans should tell the cars and its GPS system where to go (that is, feeding the instructions to the machines).

The idea of getting inside a car and just speak to the car in our everyday tone naturally as if we are speaking to another human is very futuristic — after the car digests the information in fraction of a second, it then drives the passengers to a correct destination according to the address which was fed to its processors.  Some people may argue that we humans can drive just fine.  What if the car’s system fails when it is on autopilot?  Any car system should fail at certain points as the system’s tear and wear parts erode away through the natural cycles of mechanics.  Will it be even more dangerous when the car system fails unexpectedly?  Engineers who manage to create these marvels may have already thought up the fail-safe mechanism which kicks in when the autopilot system goes down — humans safety is always the priority or else what’s the point?

The idea of a traffic that is harmonizing by vehicles that are on autopilots can be very attractive.  Imagine a system where accidents become the thing of the pasts, not even traffic lights are necessary as everything is on autopilot, getting stuck in heavy traffic could also be the thing of the pasts, and road-rages may see its days numbered — it’s probably what Mr. Eric Schmidt has in mind!  It’s certainly sound really good to me!  Then again, we humans have another excuse to be just a tad lazier than before — freeing our human tentacles for other things, who know?  Let not do away with everything, we humans love to override autopilot for sport! Source.

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