Installing Virtualmin On Ubuntu 10.04

New php developers and web designers who are wanting to develop their codes in a test environment, they need to learn how to set up a local server or a local server environment on their laptops and desktops.  It’s a dreaded thing for them to learn even more before they can have a test environment going so they can frequently upload their php scripts and related html codes.  It’s a lot of work!  Not to worry, I know an easier way for you to get a test server environment going!  I’m sure there are even easier ways than mine, but if you haven’t found out a better way yet, why not try my method, right?  So how?  One word, Virtualmin!

What’s Virtualmin?  It’s a control panel of sort that helps you manage your server using LAMP configuration.  For your information, LAMP stands for the combination of technologies involves with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Why is it easy to manage your test server or production server with Virtualmin?  For an example, you can create a new virtualhost account that has FTP access, SSH access, email account, SSL protocol for securing website, and a lot more by just filling out a single web page where you can enter new username and password for the new virtualhost account, check necessary boxes of features that you want your virtualhost account to have, and then accept the creation of your newly virtualhost account with one single last click on the create account button.  It’s simple as that!  It saves you time to open up a terminal, editing various configuration files of Apache, Bind, FTP, MySQL, and so on.  Just like any powerful control panel in the market, Virtualmin has many ways for you to manage your server either in the test environment or in the production environment with ease.

I have created a video which shows you how to install Virtualmin.  Also, in this video, I show you how to create a simple virtualhost account.  Check it out after the break!  Have any feedback or comment for me?  Don’t hesitate to write a feedback or a comment on my video.  I don’t mind if it’s a negative comment, because the more critical you’re, the more that I know you care!

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