A Noob Experience On Pogoplug!

I wrote a post on Pogoplug here, but I wasn’t the owner of one!  Not anymore, I’m officially sharing data, streaming MP3s and movie clips with my family members through the Pogoplug I just purchased three days ago.  I learn a lot from just few days using Pogoplug!  What did I learn?  The good and the bad, really!  Pogoplug is easy to use, hiding behind a router’s firewall which keeps your data pretty safe, setting the right permissions for other people to view and download data only — not to allow them write and execute access or hell breaks out, and I love the fact that I’m streaming the movies I make myself onto my iPod Touch!

The bad?  Ya, Pogoplug is cool, but it does have wrinkles to be ironed out!  Streaming movies — it’s cool, but the process of getting the movies to be streamed is painful!  Pogoplug can convert the movie files for you automatically if you configure it to do so, but your Pogoplug will lag!  Using a third party to convert your movie files into H.264 or MP4 or the others is doable, but you better have a fast computer, otherwise you’ll lag just as well!  The point is, make sure you have the right format(s) of the movie files or else the movies won’t be able to play on any device even though each device can see the files from Pogoplug’s external hard drives!

Streaming MP3s is easy though!  You don’t have to do anything besides the fact that you have to fill your external hard drives with them.  Streaming MP3s to your iPhone and iPod Touch is really sweet!  Your iPhone or iPod Touch has infinite storage space thanks to personal cloud of Pogoplug!

Why don’t you check out the video below?  I like Pogoplug so much that I make a screencast for it!  Take a spin, and don’t forget to switch to HD format for better viewing.

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