Samsung Will Launch App Store For TV

Why stop at creating applications for smart phones’ app stores, Samsung knows the idea is hot since it’s already proven in smart phone arena, and so the company announces that it will also provide an application store for TV in the spring.  Imagine what you do and watch on your smart phone halfway, and then get to move beyond the halfway point on Samsung TV.  Samsung’s application store allows this to be feasible, because the same applications you use on smart phones and on TV do retain the left off points of application activities.  It’s not a mind blowing concept since TV-makers should have done this a long time ago already; nonetheless, it’s never too late to inject applications into TV — because it’s the future where you can connect to just about anything electronics.  Talking about applications and widgets for TV, Yahoo has already done this with Yahoo TV Widgets.


Light Touch From Light Blue Optics

Projection is nothing new since we have encountered them in various forms.  What new is that interactive projection!  Light Touch is a small device that you can carry around which projects not only videos, but it also projects things that you can interact with.  For an example, on any flat surface, Light Touch projects a screen that allows you to use multitouch capability similar to what you can do on an iPhone and Android phones and Microsoft Surface and others.  Light Blue Optics is the company which makes Light Touch may expand Holographic Laser Projection technology to more areas such as fashion, automobiles, and others.  For your information, HLP is only displaying 2D images.  Why not 3D projection with interactive capability (i.e., multitouch)?

AT&T Joins Android's Party

Having been left out from Android’s party, AT&T has decided it’s time to tell Apple that it too is going to join the Android’s party.  AT&T announces that it will launch five Android phones (made by Dell) for the first half of 2010.  How Apple (iPhone) is feeling?  The benefits are obvious, because the hypes around Android keep on getting bigger.  All major players are joining Android’s world, and so AT&T doesn’t want to see customers switch carriers just to test out Android phones.  Source.

Lenovo's LePhone

Since Android OS debut, many companies launched their own smart phones based off of Android OS.  At CES 2010, Lenovo shows off its new Android OS smart phone known as LePhone.  Lenovo is going to release LePhone in China before US.  Check out the awesome specs for LePhone here.  Watch the reviews about it on a YouTube videos after the jump.

Sprint's Overdrive Mobile Hotspot

Here is something else that can compete against MiFi (Verizon), check out the Overdrive 3G/4G mobile hotspot from Sprint.  According to Boygeniusreport, this sexy ware is a little bigger than MiFi, but it’s extremely easy to use.  Up to five simultaneous users can share one Overdrive, and it provides the speed of 4.6Mbps for download and 560kbps for upload.  What cool about this is that other users who want to hog the same connection can take a look at the password on Overdrive’s screen, which means you don’t have to bother about looking up and writing out a long long passwords for the group.