Elite: Dangerous Gameplay Episode 1

Space games are quirky sometimes.  Many of them are unique.  Several of them are just plain cumbersome to play.  There are not that many good space games out there.  Eve Online is one of those good space MMORPG sort of games.  Recently, I’ve found another one which is pretty good, and this one is Elite: Dangerous.  Unlike Eve Online where you have to pay for subscription fee, Elite: Dangerous is a Buy2Play game.  Buy once and you play the game as long as you want.

Although Elite: Dangerous is fun and emphasizing in model collisions more than any other space video game I’ve ever played, but I’ve found out that it’s no joke when it comes to dock a spaceship in this game.  Elite: Dangerous wants to simulate spaceship docking as real as it gets.  The strict rules and the object collision  aspect have me taking minutes to dock a spaceship, and this becomes tedious in real life real quick (for just playing a game).

I’ve heard there is a way that you can attain a module to automatically help you dock, but this module is eluding me as I cannot find it anywhere just yet.  Of course, I’m so new to this game, thus I only have visited just a few star systems.  This explains why I’ve yet to feel comfortable playing Elite: Dangerous.  Anyhow, I think it’s a good game for you if you are into space simulation.  Enjoy my gameplay right after the break for Elite: Dangerous!

Eve Online (Proteus) Gameplay – Rumble With Few Level 2 Security Missions

In this episode, I’m flying a Gila and doing some level 2 security missions in Eve Online (Proteus expansion).  Enjoy!!!