Smart Cover Security Flaw For iOS 5 On iPad 2

iPad 2 which uses iOS 5 has a major security flaw in regarding to the use of Smart Cover.  Smart Cover is able to unlock the password protected lock screen to reveal only the recent opened application.  Fortunately, this flaw won’t allow the exploration of everything else there is on iPad 2, because the password protected lock screen returns after someone exits the recent opened application.  If this is unclear, you can check out the video right after the break to get a better understanding of iPad 2’s Smart Cover iOS 5 security flaw.

You can disable the iPad Cover Lock / Unlock feature to temporary fix Smart Cover iOS 5 security flaw.  Here is how to disable iPad Cover Lock / Unlock feature:

  1. Go into Settings,
  2. Go to General,
  3. Switch On to Off for iPad Cover Lock / Unlock

Want to know how to repeat the Smart Cover iOS 5 security flaw on iPad 2?  Here is how:

  1. Open up an app such as Reminders
  2. Push the power button once to turn off the iPad 2 screen
  3. Push the power button again to make sure the lock screen is on
  4. Slide the slide to unlock slider to expose the password request screen
  5. Get out of the password request screen
  6. Hold down the power button till you see the slider which asks you to slide to power off the iPad 2.  Don’t slide it!
  7. Covering up iPad 2 with the Smart Cover, and the Smart Cover has to secure to iPad 2 correctly.
  8. Uncovering the iPad 2 by lifting the Smart Cover to the backside of iPad 2.
  9. Hit the cancel button to reveal the current/recent opened application which is the Reminders.  You will notice that you can also use the Reminders as usual.  The password protected lock screen will reappear when you get out of the Reminders app.
  10. Before unlock the password protected lock screen, repeating the same process the second time around won’t work and reveal only the black screen.  To reenact this security flaw process again, you have to unlock the lock screen first by entering in the correct password.