Vinh’s Adventure Vlog Episode #03 – 2018 Christmas Eve Family Gathering

Although this year not all of my relatives came down to Georgia to celebrate Christmas with my immediate family members, some nearby relatives were at my house celebrating Christmas Eve with us.


Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Christmas 2012 Gathering

Christmas 2012 Gathering Sneak Peek Photo

Christmas 2012 Gathering Sneak Peek Photo

Just posted like almost 600 photos onto Flickr.  These photos were captured during Christmas of 2012.  I couldn’t really post process these photos one by one in Lightroom 4 since there were too many of them.  Nonetheless, I did use few Lightroom 4’s default filters to enhance the colors and sharpened up the photos.  I also added 25% noise reduction to reduce noise in the photos since I took these photos at ISO 3200.  Enjoy these photos by visiting my photo blog, or you can just check out the slideshow right after the break.  Enjoy!!!