Technology Of PaperPhone May Revolutionize The Future Of Electronic Devices

Imagine you can have a smart phone that is thin as a piece of paper.  Cnet reports researchers are at work to bring the concept of a phone that is thin as a piece of plastic to life.  In fact, they already have a working prototype.  The working prototype is so thin that you can bend it.  Furthermore, the bending may translate into certain commands for the phone.  The idea may astound some people, but from reading the comments on Cnet, many commenters wrote that the idea is a terrible one.  Some commenters think that the bending of the thin piece of plastic phone is not giving off a good feeling as if one is holding an iPhone.

In my opinion, perhaps the idea is horrible for a phone, but it could be a revolution since I would definitely love to see a 50 something plus inches big screen TV is thin as a piece of paper but durable enough that cannot be destroyed, besides of cutting it of course.  This technology is definitely going to revolutionize the future of electronic devices, but it’s only one step closer to everything holograms.  I prefer to have something even as small as a dime, but it has the ability to project a 50 plus inches big screen TV or couple inches screen for a smart phone in hologram.  Then again, please don’t mind me, because I’m daydreaming right now!

Check out the video on a smart phone that is thin as a piece of paper right after the break!

Oh, one last thing, I dislike the bending gesture.  It seems to me it’s a lot more work than swiping on a touch screen.  I’m just amazed at how thin an electronic device can be such as this PaperPhone.  I’m definitely looking forward for a future where a big screen TV, without using a projector, can be thin as this PaperPhone or even more in the case of a hologram.