Peace Is A Fool, And Einstein Is Forever Wise

I’d just written another poetry, and this one is rather gloomy.  I hope whoever reads this won’t mind.

  • Peace could have been the only king in town,
  • but humankind decided chaos should be the alternative,
  • therefore we created swords to kill,
  • therefore we devised tortures to interrogate,
  • therefore we had heroes and villains.
  • Peace could have been the only voice in town,
  • but humankind detested a boring, quiet town,
  • therefore we started small wars to liven up the town,
  • therefore we propagandized to divide brother among brother,
  • therefore we stroke the beast of hatreds.
  • It was fine that peace was challenged by chaos,
  • as men only had stick and stones,
  • whence men got their sharp metal swords,
  • then peace thought that this was hell on earth,
  • men died in droves just so peace would lose the day.
  • Peace lost the grasp of earthly control,
  • and thought that things could not be worse,
  • how wrong could peace have been,
  • as that thought was completely put to shame by devious men,
  • they had abandoned their sharp metal swords for nuclear bombs.
  • Whence men got their sharp metal swords,
  • they did not hesitate to wage war with sharp pointed blades,
  • now they got their nuclear bombs,
  • peace would be naive to think that men would think otherwise,
  • peace would be naive to think men would be logical.
  • Among men there were few wise ones,
  • among wise ones there was Albert Einstein,
  • but he could no longer walk among the livings,
  • nonetheless, he was the father of nuclear bombs,
  • yet he had warned men might go from nuclear to stick and stones.
  • Only the fools would doubt the wise men’s words,
  • therefore I would not doubt Einstein’s sticks and stones prediction,
  • and so you should not too,
  • but peace would be peace,
  • continually be naive for thinking that chaos could be contained in a nuclear age.
  • Whence peace got too comfortable,
  • it was when wars broke out,
  • chaos ran amuck,
  • men died in droves,
  • just so peace would remember how evil chaos was.
  • Fools with name such as Hitler came upon the scene,
  • just to show how wrong peace could be,
  • and yet peace would never learn,
  • continually, naively, went about without a care,
  • to think that chaos was only a conspirator.
  • If chaos was only merely a conspirator,
  • peace would forever be the only king of the town,
  • nonetheless, chaos had proven that peace was merely a fool,
  • to believe the lies chaos spew,
  • it was on you peace, and so chaos ruled.
  • Einstein’s words might be buried among the ruins,
  • but whence men got only sticks and stones,
  • it would be too late to turn back time,
  • for time would not have any patience, ever,
  • time would not wait on peace to rein in chaos.
  • Peace is a fool,
  • and Einstein is forever wise!

Can Nuclear Waste Be Valuable?

waste package

waste package (Photo credit: Fred Dawson)

Here is another interesting video on nuclear energy/technology.  The video right after the break suggests that nuclear waste can actually be partitioned into many other elements that have economic value.  Also, the video suggests that plutonium is one of those nuclear waste elements which will be around for a long time if it won’t be used up somehow, therefore hiding this away somewhere underneath the earth can still pose a threat to society.  How?  Some evildoers might have the ability to extract plutonium out of its hiding repository and use plutonium for a more dangerous purpose (i.e., nuclear weapon purpose).  So, as the video suggests that if plutonium can be extracted and reused as a source of nuclear energy, there will be no plutonium reserved for evildoers to go to for their evil nuclear purposes.  Anyhow, check the video out right after the break.

Don’t Be Enslaved By Technology?

Nuclear weapon test Mike (yield 10.4 Mt) on En...

Nuclear weapon test Mike (yield 10.4 Mt) on Enewetak Atoll. The test was part of the Operation Ivy. Mike was the first hydrogen bomb ever tested, an experimental device not appropriate for use as a weapon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although science fiction, H+: The Digital Series does pose a serious question which is totally plausible.  The question is, how far and how much would we allow technology to control our lives?  Of course, there are certain technologies that will not affect the users in any negative sense (with common sense though) even if the users allow such technologies to completely overtake their lives.  One example of such would be hearing aid.  Nonetheless, many technologies are not less but more of a knife; it can be used for good or evil (i.e., to cut foods or to kill).  Perhaps, the example of a technology such as a knife can only point out a simplistic meaning of using some technology in the wrong way can be harmful.  Of course, we know there is a much complicated example of a harmful technology which is nuclear weapon.  Nuclear weapon can be used to deter war or to annihilate the human race.  Nonetheless, those two types of technologies are obvious for the wielders, but there are some technologies that might not be so obvious in their harmful applications.  In fact, some look even benign to the users until it’s too late to stop their harmful effects.

No spoiler given, and so you have to watch H+: The Digital Series to actually know what on earth I’m talking about in the previous paragraph.  Nonetheless, here is a little more on the side kind of the information on H+: The Digital Series.  According to Wikipedia, H+: The Digital Series was made with the Internet audience in mind.  The creators of the series are John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso.  As now, H+: The Digital Series are made available to YouTube audience.  Anyhow, in case you just want to watch the first episode of the series right away without jumping to YouTube, you can just watch it right after the break.


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