Will We Be Able To Zip Around Cities On Hover Bikes As If We’re The Jedi On Speeder Bikes?

One day, we may be able to hover like a young Jedi on a speeder bike.  OK, I’m not spilling garbage or idiotic dream, because a man in Australia is building a hover bike which flies up to 173 mile per hour and at 3,000 meter height.  Check out the source article right after the break for more detail on the man and his hover bike creation.

Source:  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/07/11/man-builds-hover-bike-chris-malloy_n_1664105.html

Sure, The Wheel Might Have The Invention Of The Axle In 3500 B.C. To Thank For Its Debut, But Could The Wheel Have Been Created Way Before But Was Forgotten?


Wheel (Photo credit: Ian Muttoo)

OK, I admit that I had not finished the whole Yahoo’s article Why It Took So Long to Invent the Wheel, but I’m already typing away these few words and more words will come soon to complete this blog post.  I think I made it to the fifth paragraph.  Anyhow, I will finish the article, but now let me dabble on with this blog post.

Sure, it might be the ingenious of the axle that had finally allowed people to come up with a something to be used with real wheels in 3500 B.C., but perhaps we might overlook the fact that humans had always ignored the inventions over and over again until somebody decidedly think it was time to use such inventions.  My theory has not a fact to back its merit, but I philosophically surmise that perhaps the wheel might have been invented way before 3500 B.C., because humans might have forgotten about the wheel inventions that came before the one we thought was the first wheel invention.

Just take a look at nowadays, I bet there are countless inventions that are buried away for various reasons.  Perhaps, the market has not yet an interest in these inventions.  Perhaps, the inventors cannot release their inventions due to budget constraints.  Perhaps, the inventors are being held back by patent threats.  Perhaps, inventions are burying away for no reason just so these inventions can make a comeback in the future.  Perhaps, these newer inventions will be forgotten and some future-reinvented-the-wheel kind of inventions will be hailed as the first of something.

In conclusion, I might be off the mark by a lightyear, or I might be so dead on that nobody can even prove its true story, that’s the story of how the wheel got invented in the first place.  How is that for a bold blog post?  Anyhow, my believe is that the wheel could have been invented way before the one we knew about in 3500 B.C., if the date of the wheel invention is correctly traced back that far!

Source:  http://news.yahoo.com/why-took-long-invent-wheel-201201103.html