China Develops New Quantum Chip, Boosting Quantum Computing To The Next Level!

Just recently I’d read somewhere online that Quantum computers can hack current encryption technology almost instantly or instantly.  Furthermore, perhaps Lattice Field encryption could confuse Quantum computers somewhat, but I’m not sure how resistant Lattice Field encryption method is when it’s up against Quantum computers.  This means any organization with a powerful quantum computer can hack just about anybody’s encrypted files and encrypted hardware.

If I’m not wrong and up to date, each Qubit can represent both negative and positive states at the same time.  Basically, the traditional binary bit is either 0 or 1, but Qubit can be in both states at the same time.  Now, multiply the numbers of Qubit and you can have a really powerful Quantum computer which can calculate things that would take the traditional computers billions of years to do so.

By the way, take my information with the grain of salt because I’m also too green with Quantum computing.  Anyway, just in, Chinese researchers just reveal that they have developed a new type of Quantum chip which will boost Quantum computing to the next level yet.  Check out the video right after the break.

Nvidia’s Quad Core Chip Will Help Android Tablets Shame iPad 2 in Gaming

iPad 2 sells like yummy ice cream during a super hot summer day, but can future Android tablets do the same?  I think yes!  According to GigaOM, Nvidia is going to roll out quad core chip for tablet makers by August this year — most likely be tablet makers that cater to Android platform.  We all know iPad 2 only has dual core, and so quad core will be way better for people who like to play games on tablets.  Don’t take my words for it, because the video below will show you how quad core leaves dual core in the dust.

As you can see in the video, dual core could not perform the same way as quad core in controlling the smoothness and the lifelike behaviors of lights.  Also, the way the ball rolled and the drapes reacted to the ball were simulated so real as if these objects were of real environment.  GigaOM suggests that Android tablets will reap the benefits of quad core chip, and so iPad 2 of today may become obsolete in couple more months in term of hardware spec.  How you like quad core chip in a tablet now?