Skyrim Mods, Beyond Skyrim Mod (Video)

Although Skyrim was released in November 11, 2011, it’s still very popular with many gamers.  Lately, I got Skyrim fever, and so I played Skyrim a lot.  I’m still playing it a lot!  I’m getting so hook up to Skyrim for few reasons.  The most noticeable reason is that Skyrim’s mod community is so vibrant.  Even now, new mods are still being released for Skyrim.  With so many mods, I feel like my hands are continuously reaching for yummy candies in the candy jar as I keep on adding new mods to my Skyrim customization.  How many mods?  I lost count, but BOSS (a third party open source software/app for Windows which helps in sorting Skyrim mods in proper order so Skyrim won’t crash or error out) tells me that I have around 137 mods so far.  Of course, if I see more cool mods, I’ll add more to my Skyrim customization.  With these mods, my Skyrim gameplay is insanely fun.  From making my character super powerful to extremely gorgeous in term of looking pretty when idle or in battle — to making the whole Skyrim open world looks like a next generation game with all HD textures and glorious HD open landscapes — all is possible when I use these Skyrim mods.

When adding mods for Skyrim, you have two ways of doing this.  Well, at least these two ways are pronounced to me so far.

In the case of you already have Skyrim on Steam, then allowing Steam to manage your mods through Steam’s Skyrim workshop is the easiest way.  Unfortunately, as you getting more mods through Steam’s Skyrim workshop, you might slowly notice that sometimes the mods you get from Steam’s Skyrim workshop might not actually load into your Skyrim’s data folder.  If this is the case, getting the mods in Steam’s Skyrim workshop becomes rather useless and a waste of time since mods won’t load into Skyrim, thus Skyrim won’t be able to receive the benefits of these unloaded mods.

The second way is of course through using Nexus Mod Manager.  With the download and installation of the official Nexus Mod Manager, you can get Skyrim mods from Nexus Mods official website (as easy as clicking the download link of a mod on Nexus Mods official website) rather easily.  When done getting mods from Nexus Mods official website, the next logical step is to run BOSS (you have to download and install the official version of BOSS) from Windows so all of the Skyrim mods will be in proper order.

Before you doing all of these activities for Nexus mods, you must remember to make sure that your Skyrim (root installation) is not in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(x86).  Instead of having Skyrim (root installation) in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86), you should have Skyrim (root installation) in C:\Games.  If you’re using Steam, just add C:\Games as another Steam Library folder through Steam’s settings, and then tell Steam to install Skyrim in C:\Games Library folder.  After you got Skyrim in C:\Games, you can proceed to install the official Nexus Mod Manager client and BOSS.  After all of that, you have to sign up an account with Nexus Mods official website. (Note:  I don’t have C:\Games folder?  Well, create Games folder in C: Drive, OK?)

Signing up for an account with Nexus Mods official website is free, but you can also pay for a premium account for faster downloading of mods.  Using free account should be suffice in my opinion, but you can support Nexus Mods community by paying for a premium account.  The last step is easy, fire up Nexus Mod Manager, login into Nexus Mods official website through Nexus Mod Manager (because it links to the website whenever you download a mod), and then surf the web (i.e., open up a browser and go to Nexus Mods official website) to Nexus Mods official website for new mods.  Seeing a mod you like on Nexus Mods official website?  Click on the download link, and Nexus Mod Manager will recognize the action — the mod will be downloaded for you.  Fire up BOSS, and then fire up Skyrim to see the mod is behaving to your taste or not.

By the way, before Skyrim and its mods, I have no experiencing in applying mods to any game.  By playing around with Skyrim mods, suddenly the whole new side of video game world is opening up for me.  Before, I just played the vanilla video games.  Now, I just love to have more mods for my video games.  With mods, I can make the games behave the way I fantasize.  From what I’ve heard and if I’m not wrong, the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition game title will also allow modders to create mods for it.  The developers for Dragon Age: Inquisition game title tout that this game will be the next gen game.  They released the trailer teaser on YouTube for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the trailer shows the gorgeous graphics that the game got.  Imagine how Dragon Age: Inquisition will be like Skyrim in term of developing mods, the so called next gen Dragon Age: Inquisition will be even more next next gen, right?

Anyhow, check out the upcoming cool mod for Skyrim known as Beyond Skyrim in the YouTube video right after the break.  The video speaker said that the full mod will come out in summer of 2014.  I’m so exciting about this mod!  Whenever it comes out, I’m definitely going to add it to my Skyrim customization.  For now, please enjoy the video right after the break!