The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Episode 43 Veteran Dungeon (Solo A Boss In Tempest Island – 4K)

Awhile back, I was playing my lowly champion point magicka nightblade toon in ESO, and I joined a veteran dungeon known as Tempest Island just to find out all hell broke loose.  First I got killed, then I got resurrected when the team was about to be wiped.  With the resurrection I was able to continue the fight with the Tempest Island’s first boss.  I was trying to resurrect other members of the party, but they didn’t want to get up for fearing of dying again.  Oh well, I solo the boss myself.  Some members thought I wasn’t going to make it and so they left the dungeon altogether.  Only one dead member whose lifeless body on the ground witnessed my epic fight against the Tempest Island’s first boss.  After a very long fight I won.  Too bad the team wasn’t full and so we could not go on to finish the dungeon.  Small victory though, and so I was satisfied.

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