The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition First Try With Bethesda Hosted Mods (4K – PC)

Skyrim Special Edition just came out recently, and so I’ve got to play it.  Anyhow, in this video, you get to see me try to play Skyrim Special Edition for the first time.  Of course, I can’t play the vanilla beginning, because it’s boring.  Thus I installed a mod which allows me to go with an alternative beginning story for a brand new character.  So far, all the mods I installed for Skyrim Special Edition are the mods that I downloaded from Bethesda’s server.  In the future, as more mods that are going to be compatible with Skyrim Special Edition, then I’ll probably go with Nexus mods.  In this video, I keep the integrity of the vanilla graphics of Skyrim Special Edition, because I haven’t installed any mod which would modify the vanilla graphics.  The graphics settings are on Ultra, and TXAA is on.  And, of course I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.  Things are smooth as butter for me.  Love it!

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