Idiot (A poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!

Can one man’s death justify millions more?
How stupid can one be for letting anger rises?
How mad can one be when lying to snuff out the truth?
How an idiot can one be when swallowing lies after lies?
Some dogmas are just pure propagandas,
yet an idiot would not know with two eyes wide open,
yet an idiot would not care for what will happen,
instead of defending the truth,
and be open minded to knowledge,
he would rather snuff the truth for a stupid pride.
Stupidity gives rise to chaos,
when chaos does come his way,
An idiot would double down on his stupidity,
and die trying to snuff out the truth.
It’s already one harsh life to live,
and so a life must be treasured most,
but an idiot wouldn’t know that,
for the idiot a pride is worth to die for,
thus the killing would always begin,
when an idiot’s feeling gets smother.
When everything does end in tatter,
does an idiot even know how everything was started?
Perhaps, a lucky idiot would survive the chaos,
and then go on singing about his stupidity,
although he wouldn’t know he was part of a scheme,
in which he was just a pawn to be used for others,
and on he would go on singing,
how his stupidity has saved the day,
for he was brave and his pride is still intact,
and on he would go on singing,
when smart people couldn’t fathom,
how could they fix his stupidity.
Perhaps, ignorance is truly a blessing,
and so an idiot would go on singing,
while other folks would scratching their heads,
in confusion for the idiot is celebrating,
how he’d saved the day,
bragging his way to hell,
and even then he wouldn’t even know it.
For there is no solution to stupidity,
unless god himself would descend,
and ban stupidity into an eternal sleep.
Otherwise, there is no way for an idiot to know,
he is just a pawn in a scheme,
to be used by the puppet masters.

2 thoughts on “Idiot (A poem by Vinh Nguyen)

    • Can’t tell you, if I tell you, I’ve to kill you so they don’t kill me. Just kidding. It’s just a poem. So, enjoy it!

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