My Opinion On “For Honor – Cinematic Story Trailer (E3 – 2016)”

I find this trailer is hilarious.  Men of three different civilizations fighting over a puddle of water, because one evil you know what woman in knight armor wants them to.  Sigh…  I wonder if there is more of the story than just the basic plot which has been shown in the trailer for “For Honor” video game.  I read a comment under this trailer on YouTube, and it was hilarious.  Someone said, “it better be a fountain of youth for men to fight a war which has lasted for a thousand of years.”  The graphics look pretty sick though, and so I can imagine this game might look really good when these men fight in their armors.  Nonetheless, this game fails to impress me with its funny plot in the trailer, which is fighting over a puddle of water for over a thousand years.  Of course, I’m hoping I’m so way off the mark, because the game may turn out to have a very good campaign story.  Right now though, the trailer is not convincing me to look forward for playing the game.

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