Smite Punishes People When It Crashes By Preventing People To Join Matches

I have been playing Smite a lot lately, but this game has one big flaw.  The flaw is that the game crashes randomly, but that isn’t the worse thing can happen to you when you’re trying to play the game.  The worse thing is that after logging back in, the game punishes you for leaving match due to a crash by preventing you from joining a match for like 30 minutes and more.  So far, one of the longest timeout punishment I got from a crash is 230 minutes plus.  Now, if your Internet got disconnected for whatever reasons (e.g., Windows 10 Wi-Fi disconnection problem, network problems, etc…), the game can’t even tell that you’re Internet got a problem.  Instead of figuring that out, the game would apply the timeout punishment on you.  Basically, you would not be able to play the game for awhile.

People have schedule, and they want to play this game within their schedule.  It’s a real put off when you can’t play due to game randomly crashes a lot and the timeout punishment would prevent you from playing.  It’s like a double punishment on a gamer who has done nothing wrong.  Life is rough, this is why people play games.  When a game punishes people for idiotic reason as the game itself has flaws, it’s just another whole level of stupidity.  I’ll give Smite few more tries, and if this game continues to behave crazily like this, I don’t think this game will be a game that I’m going to play much more.  Maybe it’s time to move onto another game!

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