Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 1

Can you believe it?  Skyrim came out in November of 2011, and yet here I am playing it again.  Vanilla version of Skyrim is fun to a certain point, but it can get boring fast.  Thanks to the numerous mods that many modders have been hard at work to make Skyrim looks so next generation, no wonder I’m still having a crave of playing Skyrim over and over again.  This episode is my attempt of playing Skyrim again, but playing Skyrim with mods that turn this game into something looks so beautiful and elegant.  If I have more time, I’ll try to play and get to the end of the lore and all of the expansions of Skyrim (i.e., making gameplay videos of Skyrim).  This is a tall order, but I will try OK?  Anyhow, please enjoy the very first episode of my Skyrim gameplay reboot series in 2015.

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