Evolve Gameplay (Multiplayer Cutscene)

The intro cutscene in the video right after the break is what you get to see for the first time when trying to start playing Evolve’s multiplayer matches.  Enjoy!!!

5 thoughts on “Evolve Gameplay (Multiplayer Cutscene)

    • Evolve is definitely repetitive, but it’s one of those games you play for the competitiveness and the mechanics. For an example, I love to be the medic in Evolve. As a medic Val character, it’s hard enough to keep track with the fast pace battle and the healing, and yet you have to be able to do other things too such as expose weak points of the monster and mark the monster with tranquilizer and so on. Although the repetitiveness of Evolve is apparent at first look, but Evolve entices me most for the complex hide and seek dance between monsters and humans that are being played by real human gamers. In short, I may get bore with this game in the near future, but I’m having a blast at playing the human that tracks down that one monster or vice versa. Besides the repetitiveness as you mention, everything else about Evolve is great.

      • I disagree, but to each their own. You obviously love the game, but it’ll just end up being another Titanfall. It’ll be dead in a few months if not sooner. Titanfall at least was interesting in my opinion. This game will be lucky if I leave it out of my top 10 worst of 2015 at the end of the year :].

      • Video game is like music or art, and so it’s all about beauty is in the eye of the beholder phrase kind of thing. Yep, I’m having fun with this game at the moment, but I know it’s too repetitive for many gamers. I can totally see your point on Evolve.

      • I can see yours too dude. I’m glad you’re enjoying your purchase :]. At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

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