Death Is An Illusion

String theory is a complex subject, and I’m not sure I would care to understand it at all.  Nonetheless, one memorable thing I’ve remembered of string theory is that the theory has mentioned how the string would vibrate.  What on earth is a string theory?  Like I said, it’s scientific, theoretical stuff, but scientists have been studying and forming and shaping this theory to try to explain the physics of the universe that we’re living in.  Regardless what a string theory is about and how grand it is, I’m not going to talk about it in this blog post beyond what I’d already mentioned of it.  Instead of talking about the string theory, I like to talk about the vibration.

What on earth?  Let me assure you, we’re not living on Mars.  I had this eureka moment today on vibration, and I was so excited.  I’m still excited about this whole eureka moment on vibration.  Instead of trying to be all that scientifically sound as in string theory, my idea of vibration is that even in death, death is vibrating.  Let me expand this a little more before you even know what I’m trying to get at.

Before you even open your eyes in the morning, in sleep you breathe and snore.  You’re vibrating pretty much in sleep!  The rhythmic breathing you breathe in sleep vibrates for life.  As you open up your eyes in the morning, the sunlight (daylight or any sort of artificial light) vibrates for your eyes, and you see life.  The molecules within your morning coffee vibrate for your taste.  The sounds that you hear from the wind, trees, birds, and whatnot vibrate for your hearing (ears).  Even the symbolic smell of happiness vibrates for your successful, gratifying life.

When you see someone is passing away, you would think in death the deceased would cease to vibrate.  That is not the case at all.  In death, the deceased’s body would have experienced countless vibrations that dictate how a body would be decomposed.  Even when someone cremates the deceased, the deceased’s ashes would vibrate to keep the ashes in the ash form.  Tiny atoms that make up a single grain of ash vibrates throughout, keeping the memory of a deceased alive in life.  Death is an illusion to life, because even death is alive (vibrating) when dying.

It’s common sense, scientifically or not, that tells me everything is vibrating in the universe we’re living in.  It’s common sense, scientifically or not, that tells me nothing is truly dead (not vibrating).  When something is truly dead, it won’t vibrate at all.  Nonetheless, I’m not sure you can find something that is not vibrating.  Simply put, our universe’s dictionary does not have a word for non-vibration or lifeless.  Simply put, from the thought of non-vibration, we’re already propagating the vibration of life.  Perhaps, thinking very deep to the point of confusing oneself, string theory, indeed, is onto something, right?

2 thoughts on “Death Is An Illusion

  1. I agree! Thank you for sharing. It reminds me of numerology, which is based off the idea that numbers posses certain vibrations that give them qualitative characteristics, ultimately shaping ourselves and our environment.

    • In my opinion, numbers of numerology you mentioned of are conceptions that humans think up. Perhaps, if there are aliens, these aliens might use something else and not of numbers for their form of numerology. Perhaps, aliens might have even more direct way of counting things such as having access to vibration directly that they can see the tiny molecules that form up the numbers of their numerology.

      Anyhow, what I’m trying to get at is that I think conceptions are not self vibrating but the end results of vibration. This means, when humans conjure up any number, vibration must occur in order for numbers to exist. In a way though, you are right in term of numbers possess certain vibrations. Nonetheless, I think before numbers can be said to have possessing vibrations, humans or whatever that think up the numbers must access vibration to form up the conception of numbers… then numbers can be said to possess the vibration quality.

      To make things even simpler, let’s assume I think up number 4 in my head, the brain cells vibrate and link up somehow to form a number 4 concept in my thought process. Once this process is done, the number 4 exists in my head and in this universe of ours in this very instance, and we can also say that this number 4 is having a vibration quality through my thought process of number 4 concept.

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