People Eat Tarantula Spiders

I’m not condoning the behaviors of the people in the video in which I’m going to post right after the break.  What behaviors?  In the video, a foreigner (a dude) begs to taste the food on a lady’s hand in Thailand and then he insults her right away.  He said something along this line, she could have carried all sorts of diseases and so he wouldn’t eat something he just begged.  Anyhow, the reason in which I’m posting this video is not because I’m abhorred at their behaviors (indeed I’m abhorred at how the dude insulted the lady in the video for sure), but it’s because I’m quite amused at their bravery in eating insects and spiders. This one dude from Vietnam (and I was born in Vietnam too) was so daring that he ate a Tarantula in Thailand in this video.  I found the video because I was on a mission of looking up spiders’ pictures on the web that might tell me the type of the spider that I saw on the wall of my bedroom.  Anyhow, let’s keep the long story short, I read something about people could eat Tarantulas, and so I jumped onto YouTube to see if I could find a video of people eating Tarantulas.  Lo and behold, I found this very video.  Anyhow, please enjoy the video about people eating Tarantulas on YouTube right after the break.


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