The Stars Had Grown Tired (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

A beautify night sky, up high above,
forever dotting with stars over the yonder,
as if the party in the night won forever love,
under the sky, the night stretched on a wonder.

Loud critters rudely chirped in the night,
inviting themselves to a party of a wonder,
forever lovers confessed, drank to the night,
and the stars above twinkled on forever.

High on love, truth belied,
lie belied, giving false hope,
no matter, lovers danced into the night,
letting lie belied, giving false hope.

When a night became cloudy,
lie belied, giving false hope,
thus stars were ditching the party,
nevertheless, lie belied so there was hope.

As clouds started to clear up high,
truth belied, lovers delighted, dancing under the stars,
staying forever young, dancing into the night,
lie belied, a night to be forever dotted with stars.

Forever young night refused to die,
lovers refused an uncertain tomorrow,
so they danced till the stars grew tired,
truth or lie, it wasn’t matter till tomorrow.

Here they breathed and drowned in love,
certainly, humankind would last on forever,
letting lie belied, they stayed truth to hope,
certainly, their love would last on forever.

It was a beautiful night till the sun was up high,
dancing stopped, stars went into hiding,
albeit the day was beautifully bright,
uncertainty grew out of its hiding.

Would their love outlast humankind,
if the night was forever young as lie belied?
Would their love outlast humankind,
even though the stars had grown tired?

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