Unrecordable! (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  In this poem, I’d strung ten Haiku poems together into one massive string Haiku poem.  Of course, this isn’t Haiku if one thinks of a real Haiku, but I like it this way.  I hope you will be able to enjoy this string Haiku poem of mine.

  • Gone, long gone, those words,
  • never be spoken again,
  • an extinct language.
  • How had this become?
  • A lame future with a shame,
  • for losing a tongue.
  • Couldn’t speak it no more,
  • writing would be hard to come,
  • gone, long gone, one’s root!
  • No root, gone a past,
  • no past, gone identity,
  • unrecordable!
  • Unlike a dino,
  • extinct tongue couldn’t be dug up,
  • unrecordable!
  • Unlike a treasure,
  • lost writing couldn’t be dug up,
  • unrecordable!
  • A moment in time,
  • forever lost in motion,
  • losing in real time.
  • Gone a history,
  • history was historic,
  • unrecordable!
  • Who was the culprit?
  • Men, women, nature, and all!
  • We are the culprit!
  • We raped a language,
  • we raped an identity,
  • gone, long gone, those words!

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