Thought Of The Day (06 – 24 – 2014): Movies Of The Future

Should the movies of the future be like video games?  Imagine, a movie can have hundreds of endings, and each ending depends on the moviegoer’s choices.  Of course, if it’s a theater kind of thing, then this might require a moviegoer to wear a virtual reality glasses or something so each moviegoer has his or her own unique movie experience.  Just imagine the possibilities, because a movie like this will completely change how a moviegoer experiences the movie.  Of course, a movie like this can include all sorts of CGI and user interactions at appropriate time so to not prevent an immersive and smooth movie experience.  Nonetheless, a movie like this must allow a moviegoer to be able to execute choices at appropriate and designated time so the actors (real human actors) within the screen can then response with the right actions.  Perhaps, a movie like this can be watched over multiple times, and each time exults a different movie experience.  As if a person has an amnesia, and each time he or she watches this kind of movies, he or she experiences as if he or she watches a brand new movie.

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