They Had Spoken (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Silence was so loud,
  • it deafened the livings,
  • driving their souls mad,
  • isolating the lonely fibers,
  • till the cores were shaken,
  • their foundation was weak,
  • but the heaven blessed them,
  • came the blessing of commune,
  • magical moment just happened,
  • soul to soul, reaching a communion,
  • soul to soul, communing their blessing,
  • out of the woodwork came the salvation,
  • stranger than the imagination, they thought,
  • gibberish utters had broken their innate silence,
  • mad driven words were chanting on dry lips,
  • the lips of the silence virgins were tainted,
  • erasing their knowledge of the silence,
  • silence was no longer that deafening,
  • yet, silence was their everything,
  • strangely, they had gone mad,
  • the breaking of a tradition,
  • gibberish whiplashed,
  • against the free wind,
  • silence was no more,
  • mad as they were,
  • they had spoken.

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