A Canvas To Be

Just another poem which I compelled to write.  Enjoy!!!

  • Life oh life
  • On the very first moment I breathed you in
  • I was so pure and innocent
  • I was an empty canvas
  • You could draw upon me with all sorts of paints
  • I was so readied
  • Until I was not
  • Until I realized
  • Life oh life
  • A beautiful painting you thought
  • It was so not beautiful to me thus far
  • You showered me with colors
  • I was full of bliss for a short while
  • The bliss was short but nice
  • The bliss which measured my thoughtless mind
  • The bliss which measured my pure and carefree soul
  • The bliss which had me be fearless
  • Then came the colors I had no love for
  • Oh sorrow crept in
  • You promised naughty colors will be gone
  • So these colors obeyed your command
  • Leaving me to breathe you in easier
  • Not before long you became naughty again
  • I was choke by you
  • Hard to breathe you in
  • You were my sorrow
  • You were my pain
  • The canvas was not even completed
  • Still, it became such a mess
  • Shapes that formed demons
  • Shapes that formed sadness
  • Shapes that formed your craziness
  • You were angry
  • So was I
  • The canvas was so muddled
  • Head or tail was not to be
  • No longer I was innocent and pure
  • Your fault I argued
  • You probably said I had a choice
  • Whose fault mattered little
  • Unless you could turn back time
  • A canvas would not unwind its goriness
  • However when a canvas would complete
  • I would go on and wait till the day it would be so
  • All the while I would breathe in you
  • Letting you choke me while I breathed you in
  • Life oh life
  • You had to be difficult
  • You would love to muddle my canvas
  • Life oh life
  • I had to be difficult
  • I would love to unwind time
  • You would not let me
  • Time forged my sorrow
  • It relentlessly breathed you in
  • It wanted none of me
  • Even if I wanted it to slow down
  • Instead of slowing down it would fly onward
  • Leaving me confused and dazzled
  • So be it
  • Life oh life
  • Unwinding time or not
  • While you added colors to my canvas
  • I would just adore you
  • Whether that would be a color I loathed much
  • I would just encourage you to muddle my canvas
  • Innocent or not
  • I would think I was once pure
  • Now I would breathe in more of you
  • Let the canvas be fulfilled eventually
  • You would be satisfied
  • I might not be so agreeable
  • Nonetheless, I would have a complete canvas
  • Messy or not, it would be my canvas
  • You would be you
  • Just more paint jobs for others
  • You would be you
  • Toying others’ sorrows for some colorful canvases

4 thoughts on “A Canvas To Be

    • Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully, more inspirational thoughts and moments will come to me somehow so I can churn out even more poetries. Meanwhile, I guess I just keep on wishing for such a moment. Much wishes true to you as well.

      • The key is to never stop writing. I usually keep a little notebook in my pocket to jot down little phrases I hear or think of whenever they come. Poems “happen” all the time all around you. It’s a great experiment to take a walk and write down notes on things you see, feel, hear, and touch. Come back home and look at your lists of descriptions for inspiration.

        Two of my best places for inspiration is nature and people watching in public places like a mall or restaurant. Both places are full of noises. Out in nature it’s the birds, animals, trees, and wind that are “speaking” all the time out there. In public it’s people full of conversation — and in the middle of their daily dramas — observe how close we are to nature, make comparisons, it’s endlessly fascinating.

        It never makes me bored. 😉
        Enjoy life!

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