Oh Modernity, Wherefore Art Thou So Godly?

Just another poem of mine.  Enjoy!!!

  • In the early days of our historic memory
  • Nations fought for historic glories
  • Some merged into a giant for the sake of united glory
  • Some giants got split for the sake of gory glories
  • Glories came quick or not, oh where art thou glories
  • Glories came and gone with few of ’em became memories
  • Those early days of our historic memory
  • Men on horsebacks determined glories
  • Arrows to be fired by ’em bows at will, determining glories
  • Human blood, tainted swords deserved mythical stories
  • Aye, those were ascending men of bravery
  • Songs and myths preserved their barbaric glories
  • Then came the spear of modernity
  • Horsebacks were backward genuine quality
  • Men had no memory of face to face brutality
  • Feeling the wind on horsebacks were just stories
  • Stories of barbarians who were in many butcheries
  • Deserving much, songs and myths were only their glories
  • The modernity invented human killing factories
  • Gone the days that took great effort to battle for a bloody glory
  • Lives were incinerated in a puff by modern machineries
  • Millions of faces were wiped out of memory
  • All for glory, all for glory
  • Oh modernity, wherefore art thou so godly
  • With everything had been upgraded to modernity
  • Here we thought there would only be one last glory
  • Luckily, men had yearned not for a last glory
  • Nonetheless, they got their modern apocalyptic machineries
  • Onward they would seek out for more horrific glories
  • Until one day, came calling that last godly glory
  • Let hope there won’t be such stupidity
  • Or else men will forever be extinct in the historic memory
  • Everything would be wiped out all for one godly glory
  • Modernity or not, men must preserve a long historic memory
  • With more glories to come, benign or not, oh glories
  • At least men got some foolish, bloody stories

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