Fear Not Deafening Deaf

  • Deaths, destructions, rain down on us
  • Tell ’em to stop
  • Tell ’em to stop
  • I scream
  • Not an ear would dare to listen
  • Deafening deaf
  • I scream
  • Deafening deaf screams loudest
  • Eyes would see but ’em won’t listen
  • Deafening deaf
  • I scream
  • The silence is begging our souls
  • With ears yet we won’t hear
  • Silence reigns supreme
  • Is it deaf that has got us fear?
  • Not a chance, I scream
  • Deaf isn’t the culprit
  • Even deafening deaf won’t reign supreme
  • I scream, we’ve got to wake up
  • If we keep on drooling in our slumbers
  • We would forever be deaf
  • So what is the deafening deaf fears most?
  • Aye, it fears not sounds but a waking moment
  • Deafening deaf no more
  • No more drooling in slumbers for us have seen the sun
  • Deafening deaf is truly silent
  • Silence is begging deafening deaf once more
  • Deafening deaf no more
  • Silence be that but we have seen the sun
  • Fear not deafening deaf
  • I scream the loudest
  • Fear not deafening deaf
  • Fear not

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