Securely Delete Files On Windows 7 With Eraser

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How do we delete files on Windows 7 securely?  Unlike Mac which comes with a utility by default for deleting data securely, Windows users have to seek out and install a third party software which will allow them to delete data securely on Windows 7.  Nonetheless, download a wrong third party software for this very purpose might do more harm than good.  What if you have downloaded a malware?  This is why I usually cringe whenever I have to download a third party software  for whatever purpose.

Anyhow, I had found a third party software known as Eraser which allows me to delete files securely on Windows 7.  At first, I didn’t trust Eraser, but I looked around the web and only read good things to be said about this particular software.  Furthermore, I scanned Eraser with Norton and ClamWin antivirus software and found that Eraser to be free from virus and malware.  If Norton and ClamWin were effective at scanning for viruses and malware in this particular case, Eraser is not a virus or a malware.  I trusted the antivirus software scan results and so I installed Eraser and used it.

I found that Eraser is very simple to use and fast.  Perhaps, my desktop is somewhat beefy (powerful), therefore Eraser is able to utilize the horsepower of the desktop to securely delete files in a very fast manner. I had tried to delete a 300 MB file and Eraser zipped through the process with ease.  I forgot how long it took, but it was fast.

Since Eraser is quite powerful and useful in allowing regular computer users to securely delete files with ease, I went ahead and created a video which briefly demonstrated its ease of use.  Just a head up though, I actually somewhat talked lengthily about why do we need to delete files in a secure manner.  I hope such a talk won’t bored you too much.

Lastly, I do not condone you to use Eraser as a tool to cover up illegal activities, OK?  I recommend Eraser since it’s useful for regular computer users to remove sensitive data on their own computers, and in doing this they can protect themselves from leaking their personal sensitive information such as social security number from whoever that wants to forensically uncover these sort of data for nefarious purposes.  Anyhow, please enjoy the video right after the break.

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