Video Gaming On Smartphones About To Be Changed In A Very Big Way, But With Button Smashing And Joystick Pushing Old Fashion Kind Of Experience

Video gaming is something I’m familiar with, because I play many games.  Nonetheless, whenever it comes down to playing games on a smartphone such as on an iPhone, I cringe every time.  Reluctantly as I am for playing video games on a smartphone, but I do this anyway to kill some time.  I don’t think I have ever expected myself to be too serious in playing any game on a smartphone, really.

Playing games on a smartphone isn’t as great as playing games on a console or a computer, because most smartphones nowadays rely solely on touchscreen functionalities (i.e., without buttons and joystick).  It’s much harder to be precise in executing commands for a game when I have to actually make sure I had touched the right area on the touchscreen display of a smartphone.  There isn’t much texture feedback for the fingers of a gamer, therefore it’s harder for a gamer like me to appreciate the playing of video games on a smartphone.  I think only few games can be done well without relying on the constant input of the fingers.

Luckily, a KickStarter Coco Controller project is here to rescue the horrible on the go gaming experience (i.e., playing games on smartphones).  When there is enough funding, the people behind KickStarter Coco Controller project will be able to produce a controller case for various smartphones, allowing people to play video games on a smartphone as if they play video games on a handheld gaming device.  So far from what I had read on Coco Controller, the case is so simple to use as one has only to slide the smartphone into the case effortlessly.  From what I had read, the Coco Controller case utilizes a smartphone’s audio jack, therefore it does not need any battery power of its own to power the case.  At the bottom of the Coco Controller case, there will be an audio out jack for headphones or speakers.

As the Coco Controller case fits effortlessly over a smartphone, a gamer like me can just bash and throttle away the buttons and the joystick of the Coco Controller.  I think the texture feedback of the Coco Controller case will definitely enhance the video gaming experience on a smartphone (i.e., smartphone utilizes touchscreen display for everything).  I can already imagine with Coco Controller, I don’t have to second guess myself when I execute the commands for a video game as I can rely on the texture feedback of the buttons and the joystick.

So far, Coco Controller promises to come in four sizes.  These sizes will cover Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone 4/4S, latest iPod Touch, and the soon to arrive on the smartphone market iPhone 5.  Nonetheless, I think as Coco Controller gets more popular, I can only see more smartphone models will want to be supported by Coco Controller.  After all, I think Coco Controller will greatly enhance video gaming on the go (i.e., with a smartphone).

Another great inclusive aspect of Coco Controller which is a bonus in my opinion is that smartphone users can totally use Coco Controller to play their smartphone video games on big screen TV.  Nonetheless, this only works if a smartphone does have the capability of mirroring the graphics on the smartphone to the big screen TV.  A good example of this would be the latest iPhone 4S.  iPhone 4S allows users to just mirroring the graphics on iPhone to Apple TV, and Apple TV will project the graphics onto the big screen TV.  Coco Controller takes the advantage of smartphone graphic mirroring and allows users to play smartphone video games with precision on big screen TV.  Not a bad idea in my opinion.  Honestly, I don’t think video games, whether on a smartphone or on a big screen TV, should ever be controlled by a touchscreen display at any cost, because the touchscreen display is so imprecise (and textureless) in allowing a gamer to control the motions within a video game.

Before a Coco Controller can be in a customer’s hand, the KickStarter Coco Controller project needs to be funded with at least $175,000.  As I’m writing this, 65 people had already backed the project, providing the project with a sum of $3,597 .  It’s only 29 more days to go before the fund drive for this very project ends.  You can totally visit KickStarter here to know more of KickStarter Coco Controller project.  By the way, just for your information, it’s not like Coco Controller will suddenly work with all smartphone games.  The game developers for any specific smartphone game must first develop their game with Coco Controller in mind, therefore they need to program their game to work with Coco Controller case.


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