How To Enable Time Machine On FreeNAS (Video)

Leopard Time Machine Ad

Leopard Time Machine Ad (Photo credit: Feras Hares)

I know, I keep on making boring videos, but here is another one…  The video right after the break will show you how to configure AFP so you can enable a Time Machine with FreeNAS.  With Time Machine on FreeNAS, you don’t have to backup your Mac laptop such as MacBook Air to an external hard drive any longer, because it’s very inconvenient if you have to carry both the laptop and the external hard drive around.  Just remember though, my method in the video is to enable one user per one Time Machine virtual volume.  This means, if you have two Mac laptops, you have to create two Time Machine virtual volumes (i.e., ZFS datasets).  You can configure the permissions for each Time Machine volume.  You can either give full access of the volume to everyone or just the user, but I suggest you should set 755 permission for the volume as user would have full access to the volume and the everyone else will only have read and execute permissions.  Enjoy the video right after the break…

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