A Quick Touch On Adobe Lightroom 4

Using Adobe Lightroom 4 To Retouch A Photo Of Vinh Nguyen

Even though I’m very bad at editing and retouching a photo, I think this photo of me taken with MacBook Pro Mid 2010 model’s iSight was retouched not too badly through the usage of Adobe Lightroom 4 free 30 day trial version.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore different people have different opinions on how a photo should be retouched.  Particularly true when a person who is really in tune with his or her artful feeling, he or she might prefer to have a taste of beauty in a rather unique moment and only in that special moment may bring forth the fountain of artful joy.  So, it doesn’t take a true artist to see that Adobe Lightroom 4 is truly powerful, as it allows the average people like you and me to feel as if even a truly underexposure and out of place photo can be retouched and transformed into something that is rather unique, beautiful, and staying true to the meaning of the eye of the beholder.

Lightroom 4 is the latest Adobe version of Lightroom photography software, and this software specializes in transforming the available details of any photo.  By this I mean you can totally turn a photo which you took at night-time with a camera into a photo that appears as if it was taken in the day-time.  Especially, even after doing such a major transformation of a night photo into a day photo, if doing it right the photo will appear unharmed and might even be more stunning then the raw photo itself.  To tell the truth, I had never experienced Adobe Lightroom software until now, and I have to say I love it even though I’m late to the whole Adobe Lightroom party.  Luckily, according to the video which I will post underneath this blog post, Adobe Lightroom 4 is even more awesome than Adobe Lightroom 3, because there are newer features and better image retouching algorithm(s).

I’ve found Adobe Lightroom 4 is super easy to use.  Tell you what, when I was messing around with Adobe Lightroom 4 free trial version (free 30 days of usage for the full featured Adobe Lightroom 4 which you can download at Adobe official website), it was like I jumped right into a pool without even testing the water — yet I’d found it was intuitive to use (even without knowing about the hidden features).  By sliding the multitude of sliders that designed to manipulate just about any aspect of a photo, I was able to transform a photo into something that was truly fit for my eyes to behold at even though I had zero experience with Adobe Lightroom 4.  That was how easy it was for me to use it.

Nonetheless, I have to admit, if you’re a person who hates to have tons of stuffs staring back at you, Adobe Lightroom 4 first look might be scary to you as it does look like a tool which specializes for the professional photographers only.  Once you get past the hurdle of having, seeing tons of features staring back at you, playing around with one feature at a time can get you really far!  It’s also up to how much patience you have so you can endure each unique moment of pushing ahead with each feature so the eventual AH HAH!!! moment would surface and bath you in the rays of artful joy.  By the way, if you have had experiences with other simple to complicate photo editing software before (even if those photo editing software are completely aliened to Adobe’s photo editing software), such experiences will definitely make it very easy for you to come to like and use Adobe Lightroom 4.

Without further ado, the video right after the break will show you how powerful Adobe Lightroom 4 can be even though the video will only go over how to retouch only one photo.  Yet, within this photo, the video shows Adobe Lightroom 4 can basically manipulate the photo to the point of unrecognizable, but in a very very good way!  Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  For your information, I had no association with Adobe and I don’t even know the person who had made the video above, but my praise of Adobe Lightroom 4 is out of artful joy.

Afterthought:  I forgot to mention that Adobe Lightroom 4 is truly expensive.  Looking at it in Mac App Store, Adobe Lightroom 4 is $149.99.  I don’t think this software is for somebody who has only couple pictures to retouch with.  Adobe Lightroom 4 is more fitting for people who truly care how their photos can be transformed.  Adobe Lightroom 4 does support Mac and Windows!

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