Can Somebody Form A Company Through Social Networking Only?

Social Network - Copertina

Social Network - Copertina (Photo credit: marcomassarotto)

I have a fresh idea or perhaps an idea for an out of this world startup company, but even I think this idea might be too crazy to conceive and explore in the real world.  Let me pose this idea in a form of a question OK?  Since today world is so connected through the Internet, people profess their love for everything digital, is it possible to form a true company/business through social networking only?  That is, people do not need to live in one city, meet up for face to face interview, fill out applications through offline medium, get pay through offline payment systems, form meeting/conference within the same office, have face to face communication, exchange ideas through offline tools and face to face meetings, and so on.  I think you get the gist!  The thing is, had any real company/business started their business from the ground up through social networking only?  The thing is, can this form of practice of starting up a business through social networking only be practical and effective?  This whole process of forming a business through social networking only might be a bad idea too since there might be zero to very little real human contact (as in physically meeting up) between the employees and employers.  Nonetheless, this idea is intriguing to me since I don’t think there is a company out there that was formed from the ground up through social networking only — and keep it that way.  Can you imagine what if Google was started out this way?  Of course, we know Google had started out just like any traditional business…  What do you think about this very idea?

4 thoughts on “Can Somebody Form A Company Through Social Networking Only?

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  2. Hi again
    I have been looking and it is looking like facebook would be the answer. I still have some research to do but, facebook is satisfying most (if not all) of the your needs.

    Using iframes in Page Tabs

    Many useful applications have been built for Facebook Pages like BandPage for artists to share their music with fans and Shop Now to help Pages sell merchandise on Facebook. As of today, you can build your Page Tab apps using iframes rather than FBML. This means you can now build apps that run across Facebook (including Pages and Canvas applications) using the same simple, standards-based web programming model (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS). In addition, you can easily integrate social plugins and the Graph API within your tab.

    It is looking like you can use it for everything that you need. If you did need a website. You can get a free site. After you get their site they offer a .com version for 17 dollars a year. (Which, that is a great hosting fee.) Then you have total control over the site.

    Remember I am new and still researching, But this should help you on your journey (the answer to your question).

    Keep Smiling

  3. Thank you for stopping by and leaving two ping-backs. I have some facebook information which I will be posting and yes you can use facebook to have a fanpage. (which is a business page). Haven’t got through all the stuff yet. But you will need a host to hold your digital files. There are free host to do that. you might want to go to they are the best that I have found for free,so far. You will still need a site to have your squeeze page on and to direct your traffic to clickbank or paypay. I am not ready to do this yet so I don’t have all the information, but will. Keep dropping by because as I find stuff I will be posting it Keep Smiling

  4. I think another good question would be, can you get a tax ID, 1099s and W2’s just using social media? If not today, in the near future?

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