Using USB Key To Lock And Unlock Windows 7?

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People who are computing security paranoid, like me — even though they have nothing super-duper in value on their Windows 7 machines to protect — might want to take a look at TheCustomizeWindows’ Create an USB key to lock and unlock Windows 7 to enhance security tutorial so they can somewhat physically secure their Windows machine a little better by having this additional layer of security.  Onto the next big idea, but of course someone might already think of this.  Nonetheless, I still have not seen something like this yet in practice.  The idea is having iPhone or Android app which somehow stores the USB key so users can unlock Windows 7 this way.  Of course, it might not be doable since nobody has done such a thing, but if they have done so then I probably have never heard of it.  The whole idea is to get rid of the idea of carrying more devices on you just for about anything.  In our case (i.e., people with smartphones), using smartphones to unlock Windows 7 through USB key method helps us get rid of the idea of carrying just one more device (i.e., USB flash drive).  If you know this idea is even remotely possible, please let me know in the comment.

Update:  I’m not sure if storing USB key for Windows on a jailbroken iPhone would work or not, but I think users can jailbreak their iPhone and turn their iPhone into USB drive capable, consequently allowing iPhone users to go ahead and try to store USB key for Windows onto their iPhone.  Of course, I’ve no idea if this idea will fly or not, because I have not tried it out myself.  I’m just throwing this idea out so some brave geeks might want to take a swing at this.  For how to turn iPhone into USB drive capable, I think you might want to Google this.  Of course, don’t try this without knowing that you might mess up your Windows system or iPhone in the big way, therefore you need to do necessary backups for your iPhone and Windows system, OK?  You have been warned, and so don’t blame me for giving you such idea!  (By the way, at the time I’m writing this piece, jailbreaking your iPhone is legal in the United States!)

2 thoughts on “Using USB Key To Lock And Unlock Windows 7?

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  2. Wow! this has given me a lot to think about, just another reason I love USB flash drives it beats the heck out of those multiple diskettes we used to use

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