Passware Claims To Break FileVault 2 Encryption In 40 Minutes

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Cnet reported Passware, password recovery company, has claimed that FileVault 2 for Mac could be broken under or around 40 minutes.  In case you have never used Mac before, FileVault 2 is similar to TrueCrypt and Windows’ BitLocker.  These three major popular encryption software help computer users to securely wipe (i.e., format hard drives, partitions, external drives, etc…) and then encrypt hard drives and the likes.

Using encryption technology supposes to be helping computer users to secure their data, but it seems companies such as Passware do have ways around the encryption technology after all.  Nonetheless, since we now know encryption software are vulnerable, we can at least understand that relying on encryption software alone to protect our most precious data might not be enough.  This way we only have ourselves to blame and be angry at when we’re not actually going to the extend to protect our precious data beyond the deploying of encryption software.

To the best of my knowledge, I think most software that are designed to break encryptions (i.e., encrypted data) need to have access to the physical machines before such software can actually decrypt the data.  I wonder will this be the case for Passware’s claim too.  If it’s, then as how it has always been so; computer users best protect their precious data by physically secure their machines better.  This way, hackers have to jump more than one hoop to actually attain your precious data.

In the end, I think security is at best when wise computer users go to the extend in deploying whatever that is necessary to protect their computer data, that’s if such computer data are that important to some folks.  For now, let hope Apple, TrueCrypt, and Microsoft can soon come up with better encryption software so computer users know they can rely on encryption technology to protect their data better.  Let hope Passware isn’t claiming to have the ability to decrypt data from the cloud also, because such a scenario might be horrible for people who rely on encryptions to protect their data in the cloud.  So far, I don’t think this is possible yet.


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