Listen To Spotify On Ubuntu 11.10

Wanting to run Spotify on Ubuntu 11.10?  By following the instruction from Cnet‘s article “Get Spotify on Linux,” I’ve got Spotify to run on Ubuntu 11.10.  Here is one caveat, Cnet suggests that only premium and unlimited users can make this work, because Spotify for Linux is still a preview version which has no ad support.  To put this in another way, free users cannot run Spotify on Linux even though they follow the instruction from Cnet’s article “Get Spotify on Linux” to the letter!  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Listen To Spotify On Ubuntu 11.10

  1. Thanks for the info, the Spotify website said that they had a client for Ubuntu 10.04, good to hear that it works on the latest Ubuntu as well!

    By the way, I’ve managed to get free Spotify to work on Ubuntu by installing the Windows client using Wine. Not as nice as having a native client but it works.

    • No problem, you’re welcome. Ya, I agree with you that native client would always be nicer, and glad to hear that Wine works out well for Spotify. Nonetheless, I never have had a good experience with Wine, because the games and other applications that I had tried to use with Wine all came down to sluggishness and buggy. Still, some people definitely have better luck with Wine than me. 🙂

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