Poop It, Ride It

Wanting going green so bad, we’re going gross.  Gross in a way that’s nasty but yet objectively achieve the reduction of CO2 emissions by whatever percentage a human can poop.  Yes, you heard me right, poop as in going to the bathroom and doing that thing.  So what on earth am I ranting on about?  It’s about a motorcycle with a toilet, allowing the rider to poop to create fuel.  Poop more equates to more fuel for the vehicle to travel farther.

According to Gizmodo, Toilet Bike Neo will take a tour of 500 mile trip from Kyushu to Tokyo.  TOTO, the maker of this toilet motorcycle, wants to promote an agenda of reducing CO2 emissions by 50 percent in the next six years.  It’s a great agenda and all, but it’s just gross!  LOL…

Source:  http://gizmodo.com/5845671/this-poop+powered-toiletcycle-is-touring-japan-in-october

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