GameFly Goes Digital

According to Arstechnica, GameFly will go digital for PC first and Mac later, but beta phrase will start next month or so.  This way users can subscribe to GameFly, download games to their PC/Mac and then play their favorite titles.  Obviously, it would be a lot cooler if GameFly also goes digital for consoles, but nobody has say a thing about such possibility yet.  One thing for sure though, just like Netflix for movies, GameFly isn’t going to abandon their mail delivery method for games just yet.  It’s unclear if subscribers will be able to get games in the mail and download instantly online under same subscription plan, or perhaps GameFly is going the Netflix’s way by providing two different subscription plans where the prices for mail and download will not be the same.  For now, GameFly charges $22.95 for 2 games through mail each time, and $15.95 for a game each time.

My question to you, do you still prefer to buy games to own or to go through service such as GameFly so you can play more titles without owning any of them game titles?


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