What About PlayStation Vita?

Keep hearing about PlayStation Vita from someone?  Well, hear no more and take a look at the darn gorgeous little beast in the video right after the break!

You see, it’s pretty awesome since it has quad core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and 200 MHz SGX543MP4+ GPU.  Obviously, quad core CPU will keep gamers stay ahead of time, because sooner or later more new games may utilize all four cores.  Besides more cores, PlayStation Vita has other cool features, and these are 6-axis motion sensors, dual analog controls, front and rear camera, OLED touch screen type, and touchpad on the back.

PlayStation Vita has the best parts of three worlds (i.e., motion sensors, traditional buttons, touchscreen).  For an instance, if a user doesn’t like to use touchscreen for certain games, he or she can always use the traditional buttons and thumbsticks.  Perhaps, another user prefers touchscreen over the traditional way.  With motion sensors, PlayStation Vita is going to be lovely for racing games and other similar types of games.

Sony is wise enough to add cameras to PlayStation Vita even though the device is designed for gaming.  Everyone nowadays takes cameras for granted, because all devices are having at least one.  Sony knows it doesn’t hurt to add cameras for its handheld devices, because some gamers may want to snap some pictures whenever they have their favorite gaming devices by their sides on road trips and so on.

Without good game titles, the hardware itself will not be loved by gamers.  Fortunately, Sony showcases tons of good titles for PlayStation Vita.  Gamers are definitely going to drool over these titles.  The noticeable titles are Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ruin, ModNation Racers, Street Fighter x Tekken, Killzone, Dynasty Warriors, Bioshock, and many more.

It’s good news for gamers in regarding of the prices of PlayStation Vita.  I think the prices are reasonable —  $249 is for the Wi-Fi version, and $299 is for 3G version.  Not too bad eh?  This makes me wondering, if Sony has added a smart phone function to PlayStation Vita, it definitely will rock since it costs less than many new smart phones.  Well, if only Sony could do that and keep the prices under $300.  Sorry folks, just another random rant from one of my daydreaming moments.

So, after the heavy hack attacks against Sony by hackers, PlayStation Network is up and running.  Furthermore, Sony releases many cool stuffs such as this PlayStation Vita.  Do you think Sony still has the power to mind control you?  (I mean it in a good way!)

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