IPad 2 App Blogsy Is A Better WordPress App, And It Works With Blogger

I have no doubt that there are many people may feel blogging with WordPress app on iPad 2 is some what inadequate, but Blogsy app is here to rescue. The software team of developers for Blogsy is based in South Korea. I have tested Blogsy out, and I think it’s definitely a better app to blog with than most.

Blogsy supports WordPress.com and self hosted WordPress and Blogger.com. Besides of supporting those two blog host/platforms’ API, Blogsy is also supporting APIs of YouTube and Picasa and Flickr, allowing it to let you drag and drop images and videos from these services. This is something WordPress app cannot do, but Blogsy manages to make it work. For your information, you do need to first entering third party services’ credentials for Blogsy to communicate with third party services’ API before you can drag and drop contents onto your blog. A perfect example would be drag and drop videos in your YouTube account onto your blog using Blogsy. Talking about embedding videos, you still have to copy embedded code from videos and paste them into Blogsy’s write side. Switching from write side to rich side is easy as swiping a finger of yours across the screen once. You can imagine rich side of Blogsy as WYSIWYG editor, and the write side is HTML editor.

Another very useful feature for Blogsy that WordPress lacks is to save your blog post as draft. Blogsy also has its own web browser so you don’t have to switch in and out between Safari and a blog app. I have to admit that Blogsy’s user interface is pretty, and it does know how to allow users to utilize bigger space in screen real estate when bloggers are typing away with their blogs. Lastly, Blogsy allows you to use three fingers swipe with upward motion to quickly save and publish and update a blog post.

Current Blogsy version has a price tag of $2.99, but they say they will raise the price of the app when the next version comes out. In the end, I think Blogsy is a much better app than the current WordPress app. With Blogsy on your iPad 2, I think you may have a greater joy of blogging on the go.

Update & Correction: In this blog post I had mentioned that WordPress App has no save draft functionality. I was wrong. It does have this functionality, but it only becomes available when you don’t use the update or cancel functionality and quit the writing process of your blog post abruptly without saving your work. This is why it had alluded me from beginning. I have to say I prefer this functionality to be made available out in the open for a blog app, and this is why I think Blogsy app is better than WordPress app (i.e., version 2.7.2) in this aspect, but of course I favor Blogsy over WordPress app for many other reasons too.

5 thoughts on “IPad 2 App Blogsy Is A Better WordPress App, And It Works With Blogger

    • Sorry, it was an old post, and I didn’t take any photo of it! You can find this app only in iPad 2 app section in App Store!

      • yeah. i just bought one. still trying to figure out how get comfortable with apps. had already downloaded the wp apps, but still using safari… sigh habit die hard. thanks anyway 🙂

  1. Hi there, thank you this has been a great help to me. Been struggling with the WordPress app on iPad 2 it’s very glitchy and the whole image uploading is very restrictive. Thank you!

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