Cloud Engines Will Release Pogoplug Video So You Can Stream And Live Stream Video Contents On The Fly

I’m not up to my game lately on keeping track what’s hot out there in the tech universe!  Why?  I could not believe I’ve missed the news on Pogoplug Video!  If you have followed my blog, you should know I’m a fan of Pogoplug and a Pogoplug user.  For a long time, I’ve felt that Pogoplug is a great product, but it can be improved.  I’ve always wanted to use Pogoplug for streaming, but in this arena, the original Pogoplug is somewhat fell short.  Yes, you can use the original Pogoplug (i.e., Pogoplug Pro) to stream your video contents.  Unfortunately, it’s a time consuming process for the original Pogoplug to stream video contents!  How?  Your video contents may be in different video formats, and the original Pogoplug will try to convert those video contents of yours into compatible formats that could be played on iPad and similar gadgets.  It takes a long time for the original Pogoplug to converting your videos into proper formats if you have too many videos, and the process in itself sometimes can slow the device down to a point of unusable.  Otherwise, the original Pogoplug is awesome in its abilities of storing files and allowing you to share your files to just about anyone securely.

Fortunately, Cloud Engines, says they will release Pogoplug Video soon.  No, it’s not a video about Pogoplug, but it’s about a new version of Pogoplug that is called as Pogoplug Video.  What’s cool about Pogoplug Video?  Well, it makes the video streaming process of the original Pogoplug looks like child’s play.  Quoting directly from the official Pogoplug blog:

Share high-quality videos of supported formats immediately.  Users no longer need to wait for complicated conversions and lengthy uploads to view and share personal content on mobile or networked devices.

I sure hope that means the way you read it!  If it’s indeed factual, then anyone can become their own television network?  How?  If you have a fast upstream speed for your Internet connection — fast enough for streaming video contents — then you can actually use Pogoplug Video to stream just about any videos to anyone.  Obviously, the bandwidth issues such as cost will have to be addressed, and normal people won’t be able to become the next YouTube by utilizing Pogoplug Video!  How about live streaming with Pogoplug Video?  As how it was written on the official Pogoplug blog, and I quote:

Stream media from many of the most popular camcorders, video cameras and mobile phones.

If the claim above is factual, then live streaming is doable with Pogoplug Video if I’m not wrong with my assumption.  What other features Pogoplug Video has?  And so I quote again:

Watch videos and pictures in full HD.  Pogoplug Video automatically streams at the highest quality possible.

View multimedia on all devices. Pogoplug Video uses multiple streaming protocols to support the most popular mobile and Internet enabled devices.  For local viewing, Pogoplug Video supports UPnP so users are able to play content on any UPnP set top box or video game console.

All of the features I’ve quoted above for Pogoplug Video are desirable features for people who want their NAS (i.e., Network Attached Storage) to do more!  In Pogoplug Video case, NAS is on steroid and so you can really do live streaming and streaming of your video contents to everyone.  So they claim Pogoplug Video can perform those awesome features, but nothing beats real experience when a user actually is able to play with the device itself in real time — this leaves a dark cloud on Pogoplug Video until many people can confirm the product is actually going to work as Cloud Engines has claimed!  To experience Pogoplug Video in real time, you have to wait till April 1st, 2011, because it will be available for purchase through the distribution channels by then (i.e., BestBuy).  I guess if I can get my hands on Pogoplug Video after April 1st, 2011, I’ll update you with another blog post in detail about my experience with it.  Until then…

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