WordPress Releases WordPress 3.1

WordPress has released version 3.1.  In this newest version yet, there is a new theme feature which allows you to switch between formats.  It seems this new feature is theme specific, and so when you are using the theme that is not supporting the format feature, you won’t see the available formats and won’t be able to switch between formats.

Upgrading to WordPress 3.1 is a walk in the park.  It’s true only if you are using PHP5 and not PHP4, and you are upgrading directly from WordPress 3.0.5 to WordPress 3.1.  If the things that I just mention are fitting with your very scenario, then you can use the auto upgrade button inside your WordPress installation.  Otherwise, you have to do the manual way!

If you are using WordPress as multi-site, I think you’re going to see a major change to your administration area.  For one example, you need to click on top right corner where it says Network Admin to become super admin (i.e., super user) so you can remove, add, edit, and ban users from your WordPress network.

Also, for all installations, that’s either multi-site or not, WordPress 3.1 will hide the custom fields by default.  To use the custom fields, you need to check a check box inside Screen Options (i.e., to right corner near the Help link) which says Custom Fields.  Have fun playing with WordPress 3.1., and I’m sure there is a lot more to the new features list of WordPress 3.1 — go to WordPress.org for getting the full details of what new features are available for WordPress 3.1.

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