Slash What You Want, Blekko To Take On Google?

A new search engine, Blekko, is aiming to compete against the search giant Google.  This search engine is unique as it allows you to slash in the things you want most and slash out everything else.  Speaking of slash, I mean it in term of using a forward slash on your keyboard.  By using the slash key, Blekko combines search results the way you like it.  For an example, if you want to search for recipes on chicken, just type in recipes /chicken.  Even better, you can combine search results in a more complex structure such as recipes /chicken /soup — this commands Blekko to show you with search results that only have chicken soup recipes, but not chicken recipes or just soup recipes.  Near each search result, there is a spam link that you can click on it so Blekko knows if you log in, that link will forever disappear on your future queries.  I don’t know how well Blekko will do against Google, but I like Blekko so far!  I like Google still!  Let the best search engine wins!

blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo.

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