Amazon Revamps S3 To Allow Hosting Simple Static Websites Easier

Before now, hosting static websites and contents on Amazon S3 required you to jump hoops of technicalities, but now Amazon makes it easy for you to create simple static websites using Amazon S3.  You can use Amazon AWS Management Console to manage your simple static website configuration without writing complicated codes.  According to Amazon, two new features that have been added to the revamping of Amazon S3, index document support and error document support, make the process of creating simple static websites on Amazon S3 easier.  To read more about the new exciting features and possibilities of Amazon S3, please go to here.

For your information:  In case the people who have no idea what are Amazon Web Services and Amazon S3, I can tell you that these Amazon services are cloud base services.  Wikipedia has a better explanation than I could give about cloud computing (i.e., cloud base services), and so here is the link to cloud computing on Wikipedia.  Cloud computing is hype as it promises redundancy for data (i.e., better data retention) and cheaper costs.  Personally, I think small business owners will not benefit from cloud base services as it’s not necessary true that it’s cheaper to use cloud base services in small scale.

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