Portable Solar Power For Your Home

Homeowners who spend a load of electricity know the pain when the bills arrive.  Modern technology tends to be greener somewhat, but the addiction of modern technology is something that cannot be tamed easily which contributes to evermore power consumption.  On a cold winter day, if a house isn’t insulated enough, the heater, powering by electricity, has to run at length and shoots the bill skyward.  Vice versa is true for a hot summer day.

We all know how expensive solar electricity is, because getting an adequate roof solar panels to be installed would cost somewhere around $15,000 to $30,000 or however more.  Average homeowners definitely want to save themselves from huge electricity bills, but the upfront cost of solar electricity is a shocker.  Even with homeowners who think they can stay within the same home for long term know they only begin to save real money with their expensive solar electricity setup after how many years long of which I cannot surmise, but the future is always full of uncertainties — how do one expects to be in the same home?

A Washington-based start-up company, Clarian Power, is looking to change the way people consume power.  Clarian Power’s approach looks attractive.  This company promotes SmartBox Plug-in Solar.  The unit is portable, because homeowners can move the unit anywhere.  The installation looks easy enough as it only requires you to plug the unit’s components into the outlets.  Clarian Power claims that SmartBox Plug-in Solar has a built-in circuit protection so homeowners would be safe from operating their units.  They also claim the units are almost maintenance free since there’s no moving part, and so each unit should last for decades.  The cost of the unit is probably under $1000, but it’s unclear at the moment since the products aren’t yet made available; it seems SmartBox Plug-in Solar will be available in stores sometimes in 2011.

Clarian Power’s SmartBox Plug-in Solar does look attractive, but homeowners still have to do the math and experience the real thing themselves before they know how much money they can actually save on electricity bill every year.  After all, what homeowners want is to save money.  I don’t want to make the wrong assumption that SmartBox Plug-in Solar will save its user a load of money.  I’ll leave the truth of that to SmartBox Plug-in Solar users who will be able to gauge the real cost or saving.  I insist SmartBox Plug-in Solar’s portability is attractive.  Nonetheless, if the cost of the unit itself is dampening the quick turnaround of saving money, I fear it will be just another solution of novelty.

Update:  Unfortunately, the video for this particular product on YouTube was pulled or made into private viewing only by the video uploader!  You won’t be able to view this video now!

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