China Purges Internet Porns

The Internet environment within China is getting stricter, and the Chinese government warns its citizens that the Internet can only get even more stricter this year.  Chinese people can report on pornographic and harmful websites to the government, and in return they receive rewards in money.  The authorities within China have arrested 5000 people in 2009 for Internet pornography.  Chinese government is fearing that the country may slip into chaos if the Internet is not censoring.  Around 350 million people or more are using the Internet in China.  More.


Google Tablet To Compete Apple Tablet

Besides developing Nexus One (Google smart phone), Google is also developing a Google Tablet.  According to here, Google has been working closely with HTC in making Google Tablet.  Apple Tablet is not going to be special anymore, because there is an exotic tablet produces by a company not known for producing hardware.  Both company will be competing against each other for tablet trend, but you can expect other companies will also jump in eventually.

Do you want a tablet?  Google and Apple think that you need one!  In my opinion, I don’t know if I want a tablet, it seems to be too big for carrying around, and I have a desktop that does many things similar to a tablet.  Then again, I could be so wrong, because the more choices the merrier for technology lovers.   I can see that a tablet is a lot cooler and more futuristic than a desktop.  You can carry it around the office and inside the house, but it may be too big to be carried on the go (depending on a tablet size).

Besides the hardware differences and OS differences (Google Tablet is going to use Chrome OS), Apple and Google may partner up with different content publishers to attract tablet users.  In this aspect, I can see myself sitting in a Toyota dealership, and picking up a tablet to go through current news and magazines’ articles (as if an expensive tablet to be lay around a dealership for everyone to use).  Tablet is going to have colors, and so it’s better for people to read from a tablet than reading from an e-book reader.  Don’t ignore the e-book reader though, because a tablet may be too bulky to carry far.  Finally, which one will you go for, Apple Tablet or Google Tablet?