Slavery (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Slavery, comes and goes,
common sense or no,
slavery comes and goes.

When slavery was around,
suffering was guaranteed,
a relief as it went away.

Thus men declared we’re freed,
from a slavery of men,
celebrating a newfound freedom.

No longer in chains,
yet men somehow felt being bound,
by invisible chains of everyday.

Men are freed,
yet men are not freed,
from invisible forms of slavery.

If not financially chained to serve,
it must be old age which whips weeped men,
into slavery men shall forever be bounded.

Can men ever be freed?
Arrogantly, men declared freedom,
without seeing the invisible chains.

From birth men were being chained,
to serve the invisible masters,
and men shall serve till death comes.

How ironic it is,
as men try to stay free,
but men are free only in death.

How ironic it is,
as men declare freedom,
men serve masters till death comes.

Super Cute Giant Pandas Clinging To A Man

Usually, people only get happy to see a bear is when the animal is being caged in a zoo or becoming animated on TV, but in real life people may not be so happy to see one.  I’m not sure how dangerous are bears, but personally I don’t want to get close to one in real life for sure.  Nonetheless, seeing giant pandas hugging and clinging to a panda keeper is something that turns the idea of dangerous bears upside down.  Instead of fearing for the man life, it seems the man in the video right after the break is having a lot of fun in distributing medicine for the two cute giant pandas.  Anyhow, this video makes me happy somehow.  I like it.  Check out the super cute giant pandas hugging a man right after the break.


Break Out (Music by Vinh Nguyen)

I just released a brand new single “Break Out.”  You can download it at for $0.99 a download.  Meanwhile, you can visit my music blog,, to listen to “Break Out” for free for a limited time.  In few days more or so, “Break Out” will be available in various online music stores and services.  Enjoy!!!

Break Out Music Cover Art Pix 1


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