Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Episode 1

I’m playing “Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor” video game, and I have to say the game is pretty good.  Anyhow, instead of hearing me rambling about how good the game is, you can either go play it or watch me play it in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Fighting with swords, beating down monsters, and using magic in an automobile age are things that cannot be any weirder than fiction, and of course this game is a work of a fiction, duh!  What am I ranting on?  Final Fantasy XV folks!  The graphics look amazing in the trailer video.  I think I’m interested!  Anyway, right after the break, you can check out the Final Fantasy XV trailer.  Enjoy!!!

Be The Master Of Your ownCloud Data, Installing ownCloud And Run A Similar DropBox Service Privately For Free

Dropbox and various online third party cloud services are great and free to certain expectations, but to truly have all you can eat buffet kind of expectation is definitely not the kind of thing that these cloud services can provide.  Right off the bat, one thing for sure that these third party cloud services cannot provide is the best privacy level that one could get with having storing data within one’s own private network.  Want to have more cloud space than the so called free space?  It’s not free, and you have to pay more for how many more Gigabytes you want and so forth.

ownCloud is a free, open source software which acts like DropBox, but you can download, install, and use it freely.  I think ownCloud does give you the opportunity to be 100% in control of your data’s privacy.  If you know how to implement robust security measures such as proper firewall and port-forwarding, you can even allow yourself to roam the seven seas and still be able to sync with your local data securely.  Unlike DropBox and other third party cloud services, you know you’re the master of your own data in the cloud when it comes to ownCloud those data.  OK, I begin to rant on unnecessarily.

Anyhow, want to know how to install ownCloud and use it?  Check out the video right after the break, I show you how to install ownCloud on Linux Mint.  Of course, you can follow the video’s instruction to do the same for Ubuntu, because Linux Mint is just an Ubuntu based distribution.  Enjoy!!!

The Legend of Korra, The Video Game First Look

A new game?  According to Wikipedia, The Legend of Korra is an American animated sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I know only that much about The Legend of Korra the TV show.  I’d watched the whole animated Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show before, and so I’m surprised at myself of not knowing anything about The Legend of Korra.  Amazingly, The Legend of Korra, the video game, will come out in October 22, 2014 for video game consoles and PC.  From the first look of the arts, The Legend of Korra video game is surprising familiar, because in my opinion it does look similar to Naruto Shippuden video game series (the latest is Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution).  Regardless of the game arts, I’m more interested in the gameplay and the story of The Legend of Korra.  Can’t wait for it to be released.  Anyhow, take a first look at the Legend of Korra video game right after the break.  Enjoy!!!



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