Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Random Plants & Trees

Recently, I’d took some photo shots of random plants and trees.  As always, I’d never satisfied with original photo shots, and so I edited these within Lightroom 4.  The results are in the gallery.  Of course, just click on the sneak peek photo shot that you see within this blog post, and you’ll be taken to the gallery to see all photo shots of the random plants and trees (October 20, 2012) collection.  Enjoy!!!

Special Film Made From Hydrogel Can Help Farmers Save Water

Water shortage and malnourished soil can prevent certain plants to grow properly or even encourage food shortage over the years.  Japanese researchers are able to come up with a special film which allows plants to grow in high quality and large, and yet plants will be able to thrive with 80% less of water than normal.  So, it means that this special film will help people save water and yet they can cultivate high quality plants for food source.  Imagine how useful this special film will be in environment where water is scarce and soil is lack of nutrients.

This special film uses special gel known as hydrogel.  According to the film below, hydrogel has been used inside diapers to retain moisture.  Since hydrogel is able to retain moisture efficiently, it is able to help the researchers to apply this knowledge to plant cultivation.