New Dance/Pop Music Single “I Cannot Fly You to the Moon” by Vinh Nguyen

Check out my brand new dance/pop single “I Cannot Fly You to the Moon” on SoundCloud. You can also now be able to find this song on Tidal and Deezer. Hopefully, it will be available on Spotify soon.

Earthling (Dance Music Single)

Do we really know how on earth did we get here? Like, how on earth had we become the top dog of the food chain, and yet we are so mediocre in strength, speed, and whatnot? How on earth had we become so smart, dangerous, and mediocre at the same time? We had become so smart and dangerous to the point we could destroy ourselves with nuclear weapons because we created these nuclear weapons ourselves. Although this is a dance song, it’s rather meaningful and thoughtful. Great beats too!  Check out this song on SoundCloud before downloading on Epoginis.